Audi India expects subdued increase in 2019; rues excessive tax on luxurious motors

HYDERABAD: German automobile maker Audi on Thursday rued the “excessive tax” imposed on luxury motors and stated it expects to post muted increase all through the contemporary yr.

The corporation additionally said it’d launch three new models Q8, A8 and R8 in India for the duration of the direction of the year.

Audi India Head, Rahil Ansari stated the excessive tax levied on luxury automobiles had grow to be an impediment to the boom of the category in India.

“Taxes on luxury vehicles are too high, mainly in case you examine the GST at 28 per cent and cess 15 to 22 per cent. It is simply too excessive. If luxurious cars are made available to more, we can sell more cars and tax revenues will growth” he said.

“We can have extra manpower and boom funding within the community. But presently the way it’s far (like) tax is considered (as) a sin and comfort isn’t always a sin”, he stated.

“We do not anticipate boom (in 2019) in place of (compared to) last 12 months. We bought 6,463 cars ultimate yr.”

Ansari said Audi India had a loss in terms of volumes in 2018 because of the unexpected closure of certainly one of their largest dealers in the NCR and the alternate of European emission norms referred to as WLPT, that also led to a few postpone in introducing new merchandise into India.

He became speaking to journalists after inaugurating a new showroom right here.

Ansari stated the company’s popular model Q2 became one of the manufacturers that can be brought to India beneath the “homologation scheme” under which the government lets in imports of upto 2,500 devices without the need to evolve to Indian regulations.

“Q2 might be one of the motors beneath the scheme that would be tested (in India) beneath the scheme and see if the recognition of Q2 is there,” he said.

To a question, he stated, Audi planned to launch its electric powered car e-tron in 2020 and it could be advanced if the charging infrastructure turned into in location

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