Days Gone Drifter Bike Guide – Bike Upgrades, How to Refuel, Nitrous, How to Repair, Tips

While out on a journey in Days Gone, Deacon can usually depend upon his trusty Drifter Bike to take him from one point to another. However, you need to take care of your bike to preserve it going. Every now after which, you’ll require to refuel your motorbike or make a few maintenances. In addition to this, you could also personalize your motorcycle to your liking. In this Days Gone Guide, we’ve specified the whole thing you need to realize approximately Deacon’s Drifter bike.

Days Gone Drifter Bike Guide

Before we begin, it’s essential to learn about the controls which you’ll need to use to perform the motorbike:

  • Move: Left Analog Stick
  • Toggle Survival Wheel: Right Analog Stick
  • Survival Wheel: Press and Hold L1
  • Break/Reverse: Press and Hold L2
  • Use Weapon: R1
  • Axel: Press and Hold R2
  • Drift: N/A
  • Boost: N/A
  • Get On / Get Off: N/A

Fuel Management and Refueling

Just due to the fact you’ve were given a motorbike for transportation doesn’t imply that every one of your troubles can be solved. Your motorcycle runs on fuel, and your gasoline will run out. So when you’re stepping your foot ahead to head on an adventure, you’ve to make certain that you’ll face as few barriers as you may. Firstly, you want to check if your gas tank is full or no longer. To take a look at that, you’ve to head close to your automobile, and you’ll see the fuel percent this is left in your motorbike. If it’s less, search for a nearby fuel station. If the gas station is near, take your motorcycle to it and refill your tank. You can continually take a look at how plenty gas you’ve at the same time as you’re using. Near the world map, you should be able to see an icon of the Gas Station. If the icon is yellow, it’s a hazard sign because it method which you’re walking low on fuel, and at any factor, you’ll be left stranded along with your motorcycle.

You can always look for a pink canister if you don’t have enough fuel to take your motorbike to the gas station. You can take the canister whilst you discover it on your motorcycle and top off your tank. Sadly, we will deliver the canister with us. If you’ve sufficient cash, you can also buy gasoline from the mechanic. Use this technique if you can’t see any other way because this approach calls for money. The mechanic also can do the tuning of your motorcycle. If your Trust Level is above 1 or 2, then you may additionally use your credit to get a higher ability tank with a view to shop extra gas.

Drifter Bike Upgrades

As noted in advance, the Drifter Bike in Days Gone is customizable. When wanted, a few enhancements will help you in modifying the motorcycle. The improvements are to regulate the capability in addition to the seems of your bike.
However, this kind of upgrade requires a sure Trust Level that you’ve to reap. Trust Level has not anything to do with your factors and has the whole thing to do in the direction of your attitude with NPCs. You’ve to provide the NPCs with supplies and Freaker Ears to gain your Trust Levels, and only then will you have the ability to buy the improvements. Drifter Bike Upgrades are done while you go to the mechanics. The improvements are divided into 3 categories. The classes with the upgrades in them are indexed down under:

Performance Upgrades

The Performance Upgrades will make your bike faster, upload greater ability with the area in it, and make it more resistant to harm. For the above talents, the enhancements you require are:


It will make your bike faster. But, only one generation of improvement is to be had.

Fuel Tank

It’ll increase the ability of your gas tank so that it stores more gas and takes you to some distant locations without stopping and trying to find a canister or a fuel station. Two generations of the upgrade are to be had.


With a saddlebag, you’ll have more area for your ammo. Only one technology of the upgrade is to be had.


The frame will increase the resistance to the harm of your motorbike and makes it greater long-lasting. Two generations of the upgrade are to be had.


This upgrade provides speed to your motorcycle so that you can journey faster around the sector. Two generations of the upgrade are to be had.

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