Dunlop introduces racing slicks for quarter-litre displacement motorcycles

Soon after Pirelli introduced its project into manufacturing racing slicks for area-liter displacement motorcycles, rival tire producer Dunlop has also done the same. The American tire producer added the KR448 front tire and KR451 rear tire in exclusive sizes and compounds. Designed for motorcycles ranging between the 300cc and 400cc class, those tires will provide a firm grip, accordingly instilling extra self-assurance in riders to take at the corners at the track at higher speeds.


For the front, Dunlop has tire sizes. The first is tire hundred and ten/70-R17, which is best in the more soft compound, and the 120/70-R17, which’s being offered in four special compounds. For the rear, the tires are available in five exclusive sizes, of which the 140/70-R17 is of maximum relevance to our market. In addition, the tire is available in two compounds, extra tender and medium. The tires can be made at Dunlop’s Buffalo manufacturing plant. In addition, one can log into the organization’s website for information on exclusive sizes and compounds to be had along with technical info like warm and cold tire pressures for max overall performance.

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