Friends and bikes – the two pass handlebar-to-handlebar

An organization of fellows from Calloway County was driving bikes together given that 2009. This all befell due to their affection for their Harleys. They determined they enjoyed riding collectively and seeing the U.S. These are guys in our community who’re businessmen, husbands, fathers, recent retirees, and marketers. I sat down with 4 of these motorbike lovers, Mike Wilson, Marc Peebles, Jerry Duncan, and Tony Boone, to speak about some of their most memorable journeys and why they love driving.


Other than a few weekend journeys, a decision changed into made approximately their first adventure to Texas, and that they had a purpose why they chose this vacation spot. “This all started due to the fact I changed into doing some research on my family history,” stated Jerry Duncan. “My family changed into in the beginning from Hico, that’s down toward Aurora, and while doing research, I discovered a city in Texas called Hico. Come to find out; it became named using a person from Hico, Kentucky, who based the town of Hico, Texas.”

Duncan and 3 of his using pals, Marc Peebles, Mike Wilson, and Mark Buckingham, determined to make the journey to Hico, Texas, but earlier than beginning their journey, the four rode their motorcycles to the previous website online of the post office at Hico, Kentucky. “We dug up some dust, put it in a jar, and categorized it ‘earth from the motherland,'” stated Duncan.

They contacted officials in Hico, Texas, and advised them they have been coming, and once they rolled into the city, they were met the following morning by using a delegation. “They gave us a proclamation, a jar of dust from Hico, Texas, and a blouse. They even took us to breakfast,” said Duncan. Unknown to them at that time, this was the primary of many long-distance journeys these 4 and others could take throughout the subsequent 10 years. Mike Wilson, Michael Pitman, and Marc Peebles had long passed to a BMW Motorcycle Rally in Kingsport, Tennessee, in 2009, before the ride to Hico, Texas.

Billy Dodd and Wilson made a journey to Roanoke, Virginia, in 2010. After which experience to Sturgis, South Dakota changed into made the primary weekend in August 2010, in which one of the biggest motorcycle rallies of the yr takes area. Along on that experience had been Marc Peebles, Mike Wilson, Billy Dodd, and Tony Thomas. Others of the institution, such as Jerry Duncan and Tony Boone, have made the experience to Sturgis more than once. “The metropolis of Sturgis is set like Benton beneath everyday circumstances,” stated Peebles. “Then approximately seven hundred,000 human beings converge there on that week so that it can get very crowded.”

“It takes us to a few days to get to Sturgis,” stated Wilson. “We undergo the Badlands and gradual down, but we hit it tough the primary day. We don’t stay in Sturgis long. West of there is Wyoming and Montana. We have carried out versions of the equal experience on every occasion, seeing distinct us around Sturgis. Bob and Jennifer Cornelison joined us for an experience to Sturgis 365 days.”She becomes tougher than any of us,” said Marc. “She is in no way held us up.”

We usually live in Sturgis for 24 hours,” stated Wilson. “Then we head west to Wyoming and Montana. Some of our favorite websites are Bear Tooth Pass and Cody, Wyoming.” These men aren’t into tenting, so Peebles is the “navigator” who plans the trips and locates resorts so one can be along the course they’re following. “Sometimes Jerry has driven us to maintain going,” said Wilson. “But that hasn’t labored honestly properly for us, so we typically ignore him and persist with the plan.” “We like actual beds, warm showers, and aircon,” said Peebles.

“We strive no longer to journey after dark,” said Wilson. “We will tour approximately 400 miles an afternoon, deliver or take, depending on where in we’re, and what we need to look, however, Marc has hotel reservations for numerous close destinations and utilizing four p.M., we realize quite a whole lot in which we will be, and he begins canceling the rooms we may not be the usage of in other regions.” Their journeys have included going in each path – east, west, south, and north.

“One journey I made with Brad Dowell (Marc’s brother-in-law) and Tony Boone,” stated Wilson. “We left to go to New England, which took us more than one day. We wound up at West Point, where Mark West (Tony Thomas’s stepson) gave us an excursion. We additionally went to Woodstock. One day we had been sitting through the Hudson River, and I got textual content from Jerry. He asked wherein we have been and said, ‘See you in a few,’ and inside a short time, he walks in where we’re.”

“I had started a day at the back of them,” said Duncan. “But I ended up locating them.” This seems not to be a rare prevalence for Duncan. On the other hand, the others say he does this pretty frequently. “He will veer off from us on almost every journey,” stated Wilson. “Sometimes he leaves before us and occasionally after us, but he is aware of our vacation spot, and he’s going to always join up with us somewhere at some point of our journey.” For example, on a trip to the top peninsula of Michigan, Duncan had left the day earlier than. “We came out of our inn room, and there has been Jerry status using our bikes,” stated Wilson. On the manner domestic from Michigan, the group ended up staying in Chicago for multiple days.

“Our other halves had let us know that the climate changed into no longer good,” said Wilson. “It turned into raining each day, so we determined to stay in Chicago for a day or two to attend out the rain. We were in rush hour visitors, and we could see the Chicago skyline, and via our instructions, the hotel became best 15 minutes from in which we were. However, it took us hours to get there. We stayed in downtown Chicago, and the inn let us park our bikes by using the front door. We did the vacationer aspect for two days and have been finally able to depart to go back home when the rain disappeared.”

The men try to be as safe as viable on their bikes. “We have been snowed on, sleeted on, and rained on,” said Wilson. “While riding, we have not seen a tornado but. We normally don’t experience if it seems to be risky.” They preserve their motorcycles serviced, continually have true tires, and have most effectively had multiple breakdowns in 10 years. “I had trouble with a part that went horrific on my bike,” said Wilson. “We have been in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Jerry rode 80 miles to get the part I needed.” “While we were expecting the part, the rest people determined to visit Lambeau Field, so we left Mike there along with his motorcycle,” stated Boone.

As for near misses, there have now not been many. “You must be looking very carefully,” said Wilson. “We need to take the attitude that each car around us is out to kill us. We have greater room to move than an automobile. A bike is quicker, and we can duck right into a smaller area than a car.” Peebles shared an incident that passed off to his brother-in-regulation, Brad Dowell. “We have been coming off a mountain in Big Horn, Wyoming,” stated Peebles. “Brad become in hassle because his bike misplaced energy. He becomes coasting down the hill for 6 or seven miles. When he was given to the bottom of the mountain, it leveled off, and he becomes capable of forestall and pulls over to the facet of the road. We looked around, and within the center of nowhere was a bar. We had been capable of finding out in which to get a battery for his motorcycle, and one of the guys went to get it.”

Sometimes, if they plan a long journey, they will have their motorcycles hauled, fly, and pick up their bikes. “We made a trip where we had our bikes hauled to Denver,” stated Duncan. “We flew to Denver, took a taxi, and there were our motorcycles. This offers us an extra three or 4 days, which I like.” After they determine an area to live, their nightly routine is to get a bath, locate food, and go to bed, in keeping with Peebles. “We depart every morning at eight a.M.,” said Wilson. “We circulate each day. Now Tony (Boone) is not an early riser. We will all be up and having breakfast, and he’s still in bed. But about five minutes before 8 a.M., he manages to move slowly out of bed, and he is on foot out of his room at 8 a.M. To depart with us. We would go away him behind otherwise.” “I like my beauty sleep,” said Boone. They have their trips mapped out before they leave, but also they like to go in the overwhelmed direction and explore. “We love Cody, Wyoming,” said Peebles. “We have been told about this loop around Cody that may be completed in a day. It is a beautiful experience.”

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