Huge blaze destroys at the least seventy five vintage vehicles and motorcycles

ETNA, Pa. — A blaze at a sprawling storage facility in Pennsylvania destroyed at the least 75 vintage and traditional cars and motorcycles. Etna Fire Chief Greg Porter says the fire broke out Wednesday on the massive business constructing a few miles north of Pittsburgh. Several small corporations also rent space in the facility, together with Lab Ratz, which brings animals to faculties as science schooling applications. The owner says he’s no longer positive what befell the snakes, lizards, and turtles interior. Three firefighters had been sent to hospitals with minor accidents. Porter says it appears someone turned into operating on a motorbike, and it caught fireplace, sparking the blaze. Investigators are looking into whether the sprinklers malfunctioned and if the building had hearth alarms.


A flashing blur of color and a howling scream of thunder at 222 mph, and they’re long gone as speedy as they got here. That’s how fast the MotoGP riders shoot beyond at the straightaway at the Circuit of the Americas. That’s faster than the average speed of a commercial jet airliner at takeoff. No seatbelts, no doorways, no rollbars, simply people nimbly straddling two-wheeled rockets in the existence or death contest is the Formula One of the motorcycles.
The Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas in Austin, Texas, is America’s only MotoGP, or bike grand Prix, event. It’s also the arena’s last velocity contest for bikes. Teams from around the globe representing most of the essential manufacturers journey a worldwide racing circuit via international locations as diverse as Qatar and Indonesia to Argentina and Italy.

And the motive for that, its the notion, is due to the fact in Europe the distances are shorter, the roads narrower, the gas fees higher, insurance fees lower and, perhaps maximum vital of all, young adults in most EU nations ought to first get their driver’s permit on a small capability bike (i.e., scooter) earlier than graduating to an automobile. All of those elements are believed to engender an extra demand and appreciation for two wheels. Regardless of the purpose, one only has to appear to MotoGP’s circuit in Europe compared to the rest of the sector to understand where the game’s reputation lies. Spain, for example, a rustic now not too much bigger in vicinity or populace than the state of California, hosts 4 MotoGP races and has four riders presently inside the Top Ten. Imagine you just purchased a brand new Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle two months ago, and it was stolen right before your eyes as you were eating in your favorite restaurant. Not to worry, you are fully protected by the full coverage motorcycle insurance policy your motorcycle lender required you to get. Right?

In most cases, not exactly if you look into the details of the motorcycle insurance policy you purchased. The reason is that most full coverage motorcycle insurance policies will cover for total loss such as theft, accident, or natural disaster. Still, these policies typically only cover the depreciated market value of the motorcycle, not the outstanding value of your motorcycle loan. Therefore, if you opted for a zero down payment motorcycle loan or perhaps a low payment credit card motorcycle loan, your Suzuki GSX-R1000 may have depreciated faster than you have paid down the value on your motorcycle loan. Since your motorcycle insurance policy will most likely only cover the depreciated market value of your Suzuki GSX-R1000, you are responsible for the difference in the value the insurance company pays you for your stolen or totaled motorcycle and what you actually owe on your motorcycle loan. If a motorcycle is stolen or totaled, motorcycle buyers in the first two years of a motorcycle loan are the most susceptible to not being reimbursed enough from their motorcycle insurance policy to cover the value of their motorcycle loan. So what is a motorcycle buyer to do to protect against the outstanding value of their motorcycle loan?

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