It’s as rare as a carburetor: an unbiased car-parts keep

People come into the store with a motive. “They’re no longer right here to browse,” he said. “We sell plenty of antifreeze, quite a few oil merchandise, and windshield wipers — we even install them even as people wait. We’ve were given a alternatively big following, but you can’t make a dwelling promoting windshield wipers,” Ouellette stated.

car-parts keep

“Most of the gadgets we sell are inside the $10 to $forty range. More than that, and we will’t promote whatever.” In its heyday, Edmonds Auto Parts employed extra than 10. Now there are just 3 full-time employees. When Ouellette, who purchased the business from his dad in 1977, retires, his youngsters won’t be taking the reins, he stated. “I instructed them to do something else.”

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