Mercedes in Hot Water over Claims of Engine Tampering

Years after the Dieselgate scandal broke, Mercedes-Benz is again in hot water. This time, the German carmaker is facing legal action from a law firm and its clients, whose vehicles were affected by the diesel emissions scam.

According to the law firm, Mercedes allegedly installed illegal defeat or cheat devices in diesel vehicles that they sold to their customers. The claim was filed in a London high court, and the allegation is similar to what Volkswagen faced in 2015 when the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found defeat devices installed in their diesel vehicles sold across the United States.

Defeat or cheat devices are designed to reduce emissions when a vehicle is tested artificially. When checked, emissions appear to be within limits regulated by the World Health Organization (WHO). However, once the car is driven in real-world conditions, the volume of toxic gases it emits reverts to its default level, far exceeding the mandated limits.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The diesel emissions claim started with only Volkswagen, but Mercedes was later implicated in the scandal. Other car manufacturers also got into trouble for allegedly cheating emission tests using the abovementioned devices. Eventually, what started in the US slowly spread throughout Europe and the UK.

Over the years, Mercedes-Benz – like VW and other manufacturers involved in the emissions scam – has had to pay billions for fines, compensation claims, and class-action lawsuits filed by affected car owners. They’ve also had to recall thousands upon thousands of affected vehicles so their mistakes can be corrected.

With the latest litigation, Mercedes-Benz is once again thrust into the limelight. Even though they have continuously denied all allegations against them, the German carmaker has, so far, cooperated with the authorities. For example, they agreed to pay out a settlement for legal action filed against them in the United States. The US Mercedes diesel compensation for the thousands of affected American drivers cost the company around £508 million.

Litigation details

The latest claim against Mercedes alleged that the manufacturer marketed and sold their diesel vehicles using falsified emissions data. Their vehicles emitted NOx or nitrogen oxides, which are dangerous to the environment and human health. In other words, car owners believed that they bought safe and clean Mercedes-Benzes when emitting toxic air every time they drove around in their diesel cars and vans.

It is a legal action similar to the one that US authorities filed against the company and is probably the first case involving Mercedes-Benz to reach the UK courts. Additionally, several law firms are working on finding more affected car owners who would want to pursue legal action, including potential claimants who just learned about the Dieselgate scandal and Mercedes emissions claim.

Once finalized, the legal action will be grouped as a single group litigation case or a class-action lawsuit. As such, the multiple claims will be tried in court as one.

Legal firms previously calculated and determined that approximately 1.2 million consumers or parties are liable to file for Mercedes emissions claims. They based their calculations on the reported 700,000 affected Mercedes-Benzes in the UK during the years2018. The group includes private car owners, fleet owners, and lessees.

Why should you file for an emissions claim?

The toxic air that Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles emit is called nitrogen oxides (NOx, as mentioned earlier). NOx contains NO or nitric oxide and NO2 or nitrogen dioxide, which, when combined, can lead to several health risks for anyone constantly exposed to the emissions.

If you have been exposed to vehicle emissions, you may develop the following health complications:

  • Inflammation of your airways
  • Breathing problems (worsened for those who are already experiencing difficulty in breathing)
  • Asthma and aggravated asthma (if you already have it)
  • Aggravated heart conditions
  • Respiratory problems
  • Early death (for long-term exposure)

Exposure to NOx emissions can also trigger depression and anxiety, among other mental health issues.

Aside from making polluted air more toxic than it already is, nitrogen oxides also affect the ecosystem, particularly vegetation.

Add this to the fact that your manufacturer has potentially lied to you about the product you bought; you have every reason in the world to file a claim against them. A successful Mercedes diesel claim can give you several thousand pounds, at least. The specific amount depends on the circumstances of your case.

How the claims process works

You have two options for filing your claim: work on your own (which can be extra challenging if you do not know what you’re doing) or work with the experts., for example, has an experienced, well-trained, and committed panel of emissions solicitors who are familiar with every step of the claims process. Working with them will be a win-win situation because you are assured of higherances of winning the claim, and they offer a no-win-no-fee guarantee.

However, the best for working with is a dedication to helping car owners like you back what is rightfully theirs. Visit their website now.

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