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This web page contains PUBG recommendations and techniques for cars and driving from the group operating on PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds and PUBG Mobile.

This is the second installment of our PUBG Mobile survival guide series. Last week, we shared with you a few guidelines and hints to continue to exist the sport’s starting, violent moments. This week, it’s anybody’s favored flop-sweat ridden nightmare: welcome back to Driver’s Ed, all people. Let’s pass over a number of the rules of the war royale road.
Find the Right Car

PUBG Mobile is plagued by cars, but most are abandoned and too damaged to be drivable. Learn the visible profiles of the drivable vehicles so that you don’t waste time.


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Certain automobiles lend themselves to positive situations. Motorcycles and dune buggies can provide a few pleasant pace and handling, but leave motive force and passengers more exposed to enemy hearth. More armored cars just like the VW Bus and Jeep maintain those inside more secure, but could be greater dangerous in…other methods.
Hands at 10 and a couple of

Driving in PUBG Mobile is simple to examine, but like actual using, difficult to grasp. The dealing with of automobiles can vary greatly among types, so take care whilst steerage. Put absolutely: no longer all cars are created identical.

PUBG Mobile employs a physics engine that could make your car react in a realistic manner to bumpy, risky terrain, so head’s up: you may turn out to be going airborne. If you’re no longer remarkable with bumps, live among the lines and keep on with the street for a (usually) smoother journey. Try tapping the arrow buttons even as riding to make smaller, greater correct adjustments to your car’s route. Need to make a 180 speedy? Give it the ole’ lead thumb.
Deer inside the Headlights

Typically, your higher instincts might tell you to avoid driving immediately over someone. Not so in PUBG Mobile -hitting every other player along with your vehicle will bring about a quick, smooth kill.

Be cautious even though: zeroing in on a player whilst you’re using and attempting to hit them head on can be more difficult than you observed, and it’ll also supply your potential roadkill a right away line of hearth through your windshield.
Demolition Derby

Is the enemy group joyriding in a automobile? Don’t be afraid to light them up, whether you’re in a car or now not. Players in automobiles remain liable to bullets, grenades and different guns, but may be harder to hit thanks to their increased velocity. If you’re trying to shoot car to vehicle (or just taking pictures an enemy automobile, walking) make sure to guide your shots to permit for bullet tour time. With a few practice, you’ll be spraying down complete groups inside the VW Bus right away.
Bullets in Mirror May Be Deadlier Than They Appear

Remember, in case you’re using a automobile, your hands are occupied and you can’t shoot. Your fellow gamers, alternatively, can still do damage from their passenger seats. If you discover yourself in an automobile firefight, your passengers must try their fine to go back fireplace and purchase you some time to drive to higher cowl.

Unfortunately, when using solo, you are quite an awful lot uncovered to enemy fireplace, so if an enemy has a bead on you, your excellent bet can be to prevent the automobile, get out, and use the automobile itself as cover. From there, with a bit of luck you can return fireplace and kill the man or woman ruining your Sunday drive.
Explosive Damage

If you do determine to apply your automobile as cover, keep a watch out for fire and flames. As enemy players unleash bullets into your automobile, it’s going to eventually start smoking, seize hearth, and then explode.

And no, you don’t have automobile coverage. And yes, everybody too close to the automobile might be removed. Use this on your benefit when attractive enemies in their personal motors. High quality weapons like rifles and gadget guns could make short work of maximum of PUBG Mobile’s cars if you’re hitting your photographs.

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