Selling a Classic Car: What You Need to Know

The ongoing American love affair with the classic car sees thousands of iconic vehicles sold nationwide every week. They certainly don’t make them like this anymore! Whether the striking, muscular chassis of a classic Mustang or the imperial luxury of an old Cadillac convertible, a classic car stands out on the forecourt in a way that most modern vehicles simply cannot.

Classic car buyers are a demanding bunch, and the fact that many of these iconic cars are pretty old means that you can expect scrutiny of their inner workings to be more thorough. And yet, it is also broadly accepted that classic cars are aesthetic pieces first and foremost, so naturally, the usual rules about wear and tear don’t apply. A classic car is very rarely destined for the scrap yard.

Because selling a classic car can be a fairly complicated business with a whole host of different rules and a completely different market, selling to a dealership is undoubtedly the best option. Suppose you are selling a used classic car in Sacramento. In that case, locating a dealership with an intimate knowledge of the market, a wide network of dealerships nationwide, and a database link with the DMV is best. Cash For Cars in Sacramento offers all that and a range of additional services to help you get the best price and the fastest, secure transaction for money.

Here are some useful tips on how best to shift your piece of motoring history.

Preparing a Classic Car for Sale

When preparing any car for sale, there are some basic principles. Generally speaking, you want your vehicle to look the best it can – without spending more money than the extra you would make on the sale of the car. After that, it’s time to contact a dealership that will provide an experienced car sales specialist to appraise the vehicle and give a realistic price quote.

But when it comes to selling a classic car, the preparation job takes a few extra steps. It would help if you were to remember that you are dealing with an item of aesthetic beauty, so a little extra is needed. It is a good idea to clean the engine bay and the undercarriage for classic cars. Remember, though, that spraying water over an old engine could lead to trouble. Always cover the battery, fuse box, carburetor, and other sensitive internal parts with a plastic bag before you begin.


Dealing with the paperwork on a classic car is where the help of a good dealership comes into its own. DMV paperwork can be particularly complicated for older cars (although there are helpful exemptions for classic cars, such as no need for a smog test). A good dealership like Cash for Cars in Sacramento can sort all of this for you and ensure that the liability for the car is completely transferred over at the point of sale.

Look Out for Added Bonuses for Classic Cars

Again, this is one reason selling through a reputable dealership is such a good idea. Stealers know they are dealing with something a bit more special when trading classic cars, and some, like Cash for Cars in Sacramento, will usually pay significantly more than the trade-in value. Special care should be given special treatment! You can exploit bonuses such as the free towing and upfront cash payment offered when classic cars are sold.

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