Sick Bicycles – Are Things As Bad As They Sound?

What is going on with Sick Bikes? Hannah has been looking to get to the lowest of it. ‘Sick Bicycle Co‘ first got here to my interest in May 2017, once I ran a story on its rather entertainingly named employer and bikes. I preferred the slightly self-mocking technique – some correct tiers of British irony and humor in a global more acquainted with marketing hyperbole. Our in-house Chinese speaker, Andi, even spotted that the character the proprietors used on their head tube meant ‘contamination,’ as opposed to ‘sick!’ in the gang-signs and symptoms and totally-rad-dude experience phrase. Unfortunately, it’d turn out that each one could no longer be properly in the word of Sick.
Before I move on, you should know that I absolutely desired Sick Bikes to training sessions nicely. I like titanium motorcycles; I like the distinct and the area of interest in the bike international. So I waved the pre-order webpage for the ‘Death From Above’ full-suspension titanium motorcycle underneath the nostril of a pal of mine, who went on to reserve one. In time, that brought about me being in touch with co-owner Jordan and rooting for exercise session matters.


You ought to also recognize that, in part due to the Death From Above connection, I had an extended chat with Jordan in January this year. We pointed out the problems the corporation has become experiencing and made plans to sit down down for a right chat and interview. I’m a challenge manager via schooling, and to me, the complete scenario seemed like a matrix management nightmare. It appeared to me like a tale I could inform: the startup has big dreams, startup struggles, what subsequent for the startup? Unfortunately, time commitments meant that didn’t show up, and instead, I emailed Jordan a group of inquiries to discover matters from their side. Despite repeated assurances that answers have been being organized and could be drawing close, none were received. I actually have given deadlines, 2nd chances, was given convincing verbal assurances that solutions would come within the subsequent 12 hours… They haven’t, so I’ve given up ready. The questions I despatched are on the give up of this text.

Upstart Startup. Sick Bikes Begins.

Let’s move back to the beginning, whilst Sick Bicycle Co launched in a blaze of self-generated publicity. You’ve were given to present them credit score for being top at generating hype. Social media and interviews with the proprietors (and, as we know, the simplest actual employees…) Jordan and Tim cautioned that they wanted to do their aspect, make motorcycles their way, and brush aside the usual motorbike enterprise norms. They had been designing bikes that they wanted, not bikes the concept might promote using the thousand. They could have a geometry that would improve eyebrows, and there might be a lot of ironic use of skulls. They would be over the top, loud, and in your face. Anarchic, punk, anti-company, and ‘why the f*** now not?’. They preferred bikes, and they desired to have fun.

The agency commenced out doing a small run of steel hardtail frames with Bryan of Downland Cycles. Super lengthy, amazing slack, with convertible dropouts. Launched thru Kickstarter, their thoughts regarded well acquired, however. Apparently, no longer enough orders have been located to fulfill the funding target. Instead, a few clients selected to shop for directly via the Sick internet site, and these first motorcycles went directly to be built. Downland says, “Bryan become commissioned to layout and build the hardtail original that launched the business enterprise. He parted the organization at the give up of the settlement to pay attention to his next undertaking”.

Even at this stage, it appears that evidently, communications had been perhaps now not the corporation’s sturdy factor. A consumer who offered such a first bike pronounced getting a frame that didn’t quite suit the tire clearance they’d been told they were getting. It was finally transformed thru Bryan, even though no longer to the quantity the consumer hoped: “The spherical profile seat live tubes had been squashed to make room for the tire! I contacted Sick Bikes, saying I’m no longer happy approximately it. They stated they don’t realize why it turned into “constant” this way, and the not-new seat remains brazed onto the body. They promised to get it gathered again and stuck however many months handed, and nothing happens. All I heard were the same excuses that Jordan is away and could get returned to me ASAP and so forth. Eventually, they stopped replying to me and started out ignoring me”. Subsequently, this consumer reviews some other trouble with the bike at the headtube that renders the motorbike unrideable.

It turned into a surprise to me to pay attention that there has been trouble with a bike from the Downland batch, as Bryan has a stable recognition as a frame builder. However, the patron says, “I don’t recognize who accountable for errors on the body as Sick blames Bryan and Bryan blames Sick… In any manner, whoever is at fault, I suffer the most ultimately as I spent over 1k for the body which I can’t journey.”

Ideas Factory

Further motorcycle designs were discovered, though those could now not be built by Bryan at Downland and alternative in far-flung factories. Moving into worldwide waters, no doubt, introduced additional complexity to the control of production. Steel hardtail frames had been built by Marino Bikes in Peru, while titanium bikes had been made in the Far East in ‘down time’ between orders from bigger fish. Funding becomes through Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or small-run pre-orders via the company website.

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