Tork Motorcycles appoints ex-Yamaha head of Sales and Marketing

The artwork of being a salesman will now, in reality, come to the fore. Roy Kurian changed into the senior VP in sales and advertising at India Yamaha Motor when he stops on January 31 this 12 months. Having sold petrol-powered motorcycles and scooters for over 14 years on the Japanese main, he has now joined the Pune-based electric-powered motorcycle start-up Tork Motors as its head of income and advertising, and marketing. Kurian has been tasked with the primary challenge of introducing Tork Motors’ flagship product, the T6X electric powered motorbike, and will also recognition on strategic tie-ups, advertising, and distribution of the manufacturer’s approaching fashions.

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Commenting on Kurian becoming a member of the Tork crew, Kapil Shelke, CEO and founder, Tork Motors, said, “We are overjoyed to have a veteran like Roy be part of our group. We are set to gain a robust impact on the release of India’s first electric-powered motorcycle and are banking on the wealth of statistics and enjoy Roy brings to the table.” “I am excited to be part of the ‘destiny,’ and it’s miles the proper time to dive in, study, and create a course for the inevitable EV space,” Roy Kurian answered. Work on the T6X began in mid-2015, and the primary prototype turned into unveiled in September 2016. With Bharat Forge (the arena’s second-largest forging organization) coming on board as a strategic accomplice in early 2018, Tork Motors says it has made rapid development on two fronts – technology and skilled sources.

The T6X has been constructed after five prototypes spanning 10 years of R&D. With the e-bike in its final levels – a near-production-equipped take a look at mule of the T6X changed into snapped trying out, in advance this year – Tork plans its launch in Pune; Bangalore and different towns in India will quickly comply with. Tork Motors, India’s first electric bike production begin-up, has a proprietary drivetrain technology known as TIROS (Tork Intuitive Response Operating System) that is the intelligence that drives the machines. The crew has strengths in engineering, automotive design, embedded systems, and car electronics supporting developing sensible electric-powered mobility solutions for India with T6X. Tork Motors holds more than forty special IPs concerning its technology, design, and logos. According to the organization, the yet-to-be-released motorbike will resolve rider pain factors with price-delivered features like GPS, utility storage, cloud connectivity, and speak to charging.

The T6X is excessive on connectivity. Apart from analysis and compilation of facts for every trip, strength management, actual-time power consumption, and range forecasts, TIROS also captures the driving styles of the rider.2. If you are getting a motorcycle loan on a motorcycle model that has a history of depreciating very fast, gap insurance is likely a good alternative for you. To determine this, compare the depreciation rate of your motorcycle with the paydown of the principal on your motorcycle loan. This would give you an indication if you were upside down if your motorcycle was stolen or totaled.

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