5 Fit the Fat 3 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Fit the Fat three is quite straightforward in its method of grabbing your interest. There are four outsized people featured in this addictive mobile recreation. It’s up to you to resource their weight reduction regimen with the aid of schooling them on a steady basis. You’ll need to contain them in masses of solo bike driving endeavors, aggressive races, and gym workouts. Fit the Fat 3 ought to sincerely keep you busy since 4 characters want your weight reduction assistance. We’re here to aid you and their efforts with this vital guide complete of recreation triumphing (and weight dropping) recommendation. Here are the top 5 tips, hints, and cheats you want to recognize for Fit the Fat 3:

5 Fit the Fat 3 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know 1

• Once you choose your first person, you’ll speedy end up aware of the methods by which you’ll assist them to shed pounds. For example, the “Train” option lets you involve your character in motorcycle using and walking activities – you may shed some pounds through these solo endeavors.
• Later on, you’ll free up the “Race” alternative – right here is in which you’ll compete in opposition to two different racers in a motorcycle riding race or a foot race. Races are commonly wherein you’ll come across gift boxes to maintain a watch out for them. By the manner, make good use of the increased panels all through races – try to keep a good increase going via transferring over the panels of the equal color type. Boosting over an inexperienced panel then doing the same over a red one soon after will sincerely sluggish you down.
• Once you unlock the “Gym” option, you’ll get to push your character to lose even more weight by working them at the treadmill and the jump rope. These activities commonly help your man or woman lose the most weight in one sitting. While you’re doing all this exercising, you’ll deplete your starvation meter. Once it gets a bit too low, a burger icon will pop up. Click on it as quickly because it seems on your display screen – the consuming minigame is quite simple and facilitates your man or woman to gain the energy needed to maintain running!

1. Hitting Weight Loss Milestones Helps You Earn Free Gifts and Unlock New Characters

• Each game’s 4 characters must hit the max weight reduction aim of a hundred and fifty-five-lbs. All of them begin their weight reduction adventure at 480-lbs – on every occasion you help a character lose 15- to ten lbs, you’ll earn an unfastened present.
• Even when you reach a brand new weight reduction milestone that facilitates your person to game a brand new bodily discern, you’ll also earn masses of extra Hitpoints, Coins, and a Fat Loss booster thru a Free Shake. Try to make an intellectual word of the weight loss map of your current man or woman so that you recognize the subsequent purpose you’re approximate to hit and what items you’ll get hold of after you make it there.

2. You Should Only Spend Your Coins on Character Costumes

• Coins can be acquired in many ways – via getting them as a loose present from the “Shop,” finishing achievements, beginning a “Free Shake,” and finishing any playable sports. Although you could position your cash closer to unlocking another character and new pages of a person’s comic book, you ought to most effectively spend them on new costumes for each character.
• You can release new characters, comic ebook panels, and costumes just by progressing via the sport via dropping weight. But if you’re desperate to place your favorite person in a few new duds ASAP, go beforehand and take the coin spending plunge. Costumes don’t simply break the bank, so cop a brand new one whenever they want to achieve this kicks in.

3. Complete Your Achievements!

• Like maximum cellular games, Fit the Fat three has an achievements machine. Completing the assorted goals facilitates you to get your hands on some greater cash. Try to complete as a minimum two achievements consistent with the day. Once an achievement is finished, a brand new one immediately takes its place. So you’ll continually have a brand new task to complete or even greater coins to collect!

4. Take Advantage of Your Free Shake Goodies and the Shop’s Free Gifts

• If you’re playing the loose version of Fit the Fat 3, be prepared to observe quite a few video ads. You’ll need to do that if you want to double your publish-activity rewards, declare free items from the shop, and open a Free Shake.
• Speaking of the shop’s unfastened items, make certain to pop in as soon as the inexperienced exclamation factor icon appears over the buying cart icon on the home menu – this means one of these loose items is prepared for collecting. The loose cash presents are cool, but the “2x Fat Loss” booster is even cooler. Always make certain you have got this strength-up prepared so you can shed double the fats loss and put all the ones gathered “Hitpoints” to even better use!

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