Best Steering Wheel Covers: Protect and Decorate Your Steering Wheel

The Drive and its partners may earn a fee if you buy a product via one of our links. Read more. If you’re a frequent driver, then you definitely recognize how uncomfortable latching onto steerage wheels maybe. Your fingers get sweaty, the steerage wheel gets slippery, and you could even get blisters. Such discomfort could make you lose awareness on the road, which may be volatile. Manufacturers have provided you with a plethora of steering wheel alternatives that can relieve your pain. Follow our review on the excellent automobile steerage wheel cowl for a breakdown of a few alternatives that you can test out.


  • Best Steering Wheel Cover Overall: SEG Direct Microfiber Steering Wheel Cover
    Best Value Steering Wheel Cover: Rupesh Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover
  • Best Steering Wheel Cover Honorable Mention: Valleycomfy Steering Wheel Cover

Why Buy a Steering Wheel Cover?

Maximum control. Most steerage wheels get slippery after prolonged use. You may also begin to be aware that you don’t have the best grip on your wheel, and it receives worse when turning corners. Wheel covers provide you with the extra grip for your wheel, and you may efficaciously manipulate the motion of your steering wheel at all times. Comfort. Most humans get blisters from their preferred guidance wheels. The steerage wheels also get too warm or too cold because of seasonal adjustments. Most guidance wheel covers are secure to touch and protect your fingers from the effects of extended power or climate adjustments.

Protection. Steering wheel covers prevent harm in your guidance wheel frequently due to extreme warmth or everyday put on. The cowl continues your car’s guidance wheel in the correct condition for a long time and may save you in addition damage to an antique steering wheel. Upgrade your indoors. Covers conceal the visibility of broken guidance wheels that make your interior appearance unattractive. Moreover, they complement the upholstery on your vehicle to provide your automobile’s interior a brand new look. Enjoy long drives. Most guidance wheel covers feature a smooth padding or memory foam that makes the guidance wheel secure to keep onto throughout lengthy drives. Moreover, some covers come with thumb pads and finger grips, which are superb in decreasing driving force fatigue.

Types of Steering Wheel Covers Leather Covers

Leather covers are long-lasting and rather resistant to weather modifications. They also are breathable and regularly provide the correct grip. However, you will get confined shade alternatives with leather, and they’re pricey.

Synthetic Covers

Synthetic covers include microfiber leather and PU leather. They possess comparable traits to leather-based. However, they don’t close as long. Nonetheless, artificial covers are to be had in a couple of color alternatives and are exceptional for including a hint of beauty in your car.

Cloth/Plush Covers

Some commonplace forms of material or plush covers are faux fleece or fake wool. They are designed for people who would like to heat their guidance wheels for the duration of the cold season. They are available in a spread of colors.

Wooden Covers

Wooden covers are frequently attractive and look stylish as a car accent. Most are not bulky, however, they have a tendency to vanish with frequent exposure to the sun. In addition, they are designed to be custom fits; they are now not as adjustable as other cowl alternatives.

Rubber Covers

Rubber covers are perfect for giving you more grip on your steering wheel. They are not as long-lasting as synthetic and leather-based covers. However, they offer a snug suit on your steerage wheel. In addition, most rubber covers are proof against all-weather modifications.

Top Brands Valleycomfy

Valleycomfy is a market chief in steering wheel covers. It’s a manufacturer of vehicle merchandise and add-ons together with vehicle telephone holders, automobile trunk organizers, tire covers, and steering wheel covers. Valleycomfy products observe modern-day fashion traits, and an extraordinary example of one among its coolest guidance wheel covers is the Valleycomfy Steering Wheel Cover.


Rupesh is a web-based totally distributor of microfiber leather guidance wheel covers. It was founded in 2006 with the aid of a group of engineers dedicated to offering automobile fans with eco-friendly automobile add-ons. Rupesh covers preserve a sporty look, and most are quality sellers because of their high-quality first-class and affordability. One of its pinnacle-rated steerage wheel covers is the Rueesh Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover.

SEG Direct

SEG Direct is another online-primarily based clothier, producer, and provider of notable artificial steerage wheel covers. The organization has over 10 years of enjoying in the enterprise. Its products are eco-friendly. One of SEG Direct’s luxury guidance wheel covers is the SEG Direct Microfiber Steering Wheel Cover.

FH Group

FH Group is a global producer and supplier of seat covers, floor mats, steerage wheel covers, and different automobile add-ons. It has extra than 10 years of revel in within the car enterprise, with its exceptional-promoting guidance wheel cowl being the FH Group FH2006.

Steering Wheel Cover Pricing

Under $20: Go for this rate variety you seeking out a respectable cover to beautify grip to your steering wheel and protect your fingers from harsh climate conditions. Most covers here are made of material, rubber, and synthetic fabric, with the latter being the quality kind. Above $20: Expect to locate genuine leather, wooden, and wheel wraps in this fee range. The covers right here are durable, and maximum are heat- and bloodless-resistant. Most are worth the greater bucks since they may be from excessive-cease manufacturers and upload a touch of elegance for your automobile’s interior.

Key Features Size

You need to ensure which you get the proper cowl length in your car. Otherwise, you could end up with a cover that slips off and doesn’t offer you a great grip. On the other hand, it may provide you with a difficult time installing it if you get a length too small. Also, if you manipulate to put it on, it can tear at it sides after a while.


Most manufacturers make covers from artificial leather-based because it’s a reasonably-priced fabric to provide and mimics maximum traits of actual leather-based. However, leather is an amazing fabric because it’s clean to smooth, and sturdy. Other inexpensive alternatives are rubber, wooden, material, and synthetic mesh.

Other Considerations

Inner Layer: Go for a cover with an inner layer of rubber; it prevents the wheel from transferring around whilst you are using it. The rubber also reduces friction among the duvet and the guidance wheel. Color: Light-colored covers soar off heat and light and guard your hands against being scorched by the heat. Dark colors maintain heat and are exact for people dwelling in cool regions. If you have got a weather-resistant cloth, cross for a coloration that complements your automobile’s interior. Grip: The cowl needs to provide a first-rate grip for easy management of the automobile. Synthetic, rubber, and leather covers offer a higher grip than fabric covers. A cowl with an embossed layout additionally gives the driver extra grip for a longer time than a simple design.

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