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The Classic Auto Mall was founded in 2005 and has provided our valued customers with high-quality used vehicles at competitive prices. Our company offers excellent sales and financing services for our clients. We are a privately owned and family-owned business, and our entire staff is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction.

We value our clients and their needs and strive to exceed their expectations. All cars have a free 30-day warranty and a complete pre-owned car inspection! We accept all major credit cards, cash, and debit cards. The Classic Auto Mall is your source for buying a used car and truck! We sell late-model used cars, trucks, and SUVs. Our website is simple to use

Classic Auto Mall has been around for over ten years and is still going strong. We have a community of loyal customers who love our cars, and we make money by selling them.

Classic Auto Mall was built on the idea that car dealerships suck. They’re expensive, complicated, and don’t sell your car quickly. Instead, we’re here to help you sell your car yourself.

Here at Classic Auto Mall, we’ll buy your car on eBay. Once you’ve listed your vehicle, we’ll ship it to us and take care of everything else. Once we get your vehicle, we’ll list it on our site, and when it sells, we’ll pay you cash. Simple as that.

The original Auto Mall is back! We have completely rebuilt this website section to better serve our readers. We’ve added new departments like “classic car sales,” “new cars for sale,” and “used cars for sale,” as well as hundreds of recent articles.

What is Classic Auto Mall?

Classic Auto Mall is a website that buys cars on eBay and lists them for sale. It has been around for over ten years and is still going strong. We have a community of loyal customers who love our cars, and we make money by selling them.

We’ve been featured on major news outlets such as CNBC, FOX News, and The Washington Post. Year after year, our sales have increased by over 50% per month.

We’re committed to selling your car fast and do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. We don’t sell junk, we’re not a scam, and we don’t try to deceive you. We will sell your car quickly.

We’re also a great option if you’re looking for reliable and trustworthy auto service. We buy, sell, and fix cars, and we’ll take care of all the paperwork.

So, we’re the best choice if you’re looking to sell your car or in the market for reliable and trustworthy auto service.

Why buy classic cars?

There are many reasons why buying a classic car makes sense. For one, they are a significant investment.

Buying a classic car allows you to earn income from a vehicle in excellent condition. When you purchase a classic car, you pay less than you would for a similar model.

In addition, classic cars are usually very reliable and durable, making them a safe and dependable investment.

How to use Classic Auto Mall?

It’s simple. First, fill out the form below with your information. Then, select a vehicle from our “Sell Your Car” section. Finally, once you have submitted the listing, it will be reviewed and approved, and you’ll receive an email with all the details.

Once we receive your car, we will ship it to us and start the paperwork. After all of this is done, we will contact you to let you know when the sale has been completed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are some of the most popular models with the Classic Auto Mall?

A: The most popular models with us are classic cars. We have an ever-changing line-up that is constantly changing. Some of our vehicles have been displayed for months, but we put in the other cars for only a few days.

Q: What is the biggest misconception about being a car model?

A: The biggest misconception is that there is insufficient time to drive them around town. That is not true. You will have plenty of time to go and enjoy them.

Q: Do you ever get tired of looking at cars?

A: Sometimes I do, but not really. I like seeing what kind of new and exciting cars there are.

Q: What’s the best thing about being a car model?

A: The best thing about being a car model is showing off your favorite cars.

Q: What’s the worst thing about being a car model?

A: The worst thing about being a car model is to keep your car clean. It is a lot of work to clean up your vehicle.

Q: How long does it take to build a car model?

A: It takes anywhere from one hour to two hours per car, depending on its size.

Q: Are there any special preparations or skills a car model needs?

A: You need no special skills to be a car model.

Q: Does a car model have to be very detailed?

A: It has to be as detailed as possible. If it is not exhaustive, the customer cannot see all the details.

Top Myth about Classic Auto Mall

1. A new car can only be purchased at the Classic Auto Mall.

2. All new cars come with a warranty.

3. All prices are negotiable.

4. No payment is required until you are happy with the deal.

5. We will not sell you a car you cannot drive.

6. If you do not like our car, you can get your money back.


Classic Auto Mall is one of the best ways to get started. As you can see from their website, they have many products for sale, but they are all in the automotive space.

The great thing about this product type is that you don’t need to invest any money. You can start with just a few dollars and build up your inventory over time. This is a win-win situation for both sellers and buyers.

As long as you have a solid reputation and an active profile, you should be able to get sales from anywhere in the world. This is one of the reasons why I think Classic Auto Mall is a great choice.

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