Spring Swap Meet, Classic Car Show rev up

Local automobile lovers may feel driven to visit the Grady County Fairgrounds and the Rock Island Depot later this week. Beginning on Wednesday, May 8, the Chickasha Antique Auto Club will hold their annual Spring Swap Meet—rain or shine—at the Grady County Fairgrounds. Through May eleven, the switch meets could have conventional vehicles, antiques, street rods, muscle vehicles, and extra on display and for sale. The hours for the occasion are 1 p.M. To 6 p.M. On May eight, 7:30 a.M. To six p.M. On May 9 and 10, and seven:30 a.M. To 4 p.M. On May eleven.
On Saturday, May 11, Trinity Baptist Church will hold their Chickasha Classic Car, Truck, and Bike Show from 8 a.M. To 2 p.M. On the Rock Island Depot. The cost is $20 per car, and registration will take area between 8 a.M., And 11 a.M. Judging will start at eleven a.M. And the trophies for the pinnacle 50 motors and specialty trophies through make, People’s Choice, Best of Show, and extra. There will also be a loose journey to offer transportation to the Swap Meet on the Fairgrounds. There will be various concession objects at the Car Show, such as hot dogs, hamburgers, pulled red meat sandwiches, and more. All proceeds will cross in the direction of the Trinity Baptist Church’s Missionary Fund.


Since retiring from the Tonight Show in 2014, Jay Leno has no scarcity of things to do. From his CNBC show, Jay Leno’s Garage, to appearing more than 2 hundred stand-up suggests a yr to popping in on occasion to his vintage stomping grounds, the funnyman, sixty-nine, is maintaining busy. One of his modern tasks is teaming up with Amgen for the Cholesterol911 marketing campaign, which urges Americans to recognize their cholesterol numbers and understand how it can affect their risk of heart assault and stroke, in particular, if they have already got cardiovascular sickness. Parade.Com caught up with Leno to discuss one of the strangest Tonight Show studies he ever had and how it changed his method to his personal health.

How lengthy ago did you find out you had excessive cholesterol?

Well, I knew I had excessive LDL cholesterol two decades ago. I’ve been on various tablets for it. You assume it’s taken care of due to the fact you always feel precise. The weird component is there are no symptoms—you don’t know all of a sudden feel dizzy, you don’t feel queasy, you don’t have complications. So I do plenty of advantages, and I did one for a heart physician, and he stated, “Hey, come on in, I’ll display you what we have, a brand new aspect known as three-D imaging, we take a picture of your heart. Since you’ve helped us improve a lot of money, I’ll give you an unfastened test.” I said, “OK.” He said, “Your horrific cholesterol is kinda high,” and I stated, “Really?” And so that’s when I was given on the bandwagon there.

But also, there was one time I had Rodney Dangerfield on The Tonight Show. I added him, he’s doing his act, and his timing turned into a piece off. Not horrible, simply a chunk off, and I do not forget announcing to Debbie, my manufacturer, “Call the paramedics; I think Rodney is probably having a stroke or something.” She stated, “Really?” I said, “I don’t recognize, just do it.” So … he was nonetheless humorous; he’s sweating a touch bit; however, he’s quite humorous. Then he went within the dressing room, and then the paramedics showed up, tested Rodney, and did have a stroke. He had a mini-stroke. And as they had been taking him to the medical institution, a paramedic said to me, “Sir, you would possibly have stored him from a heart assault.” And I thought, I didn’t actually do whatever; all I did was look at my buddy and observe he didn’t seem pretty right.

So that’s why I was given worried about this campaign. I’m no longer promoting whatever; there’s no medicinal drug. We’re just telling human beings to visit the website, Cholesterol911.Com, and right here are the questions you must ask your health practitioner. At least be curious, you realize? I mean, due to the fact if you have a heart assault or stroke, you couldn’t blame me. I will, in my view, come over to your private home and cross, “I advised you to go to the internet site!” The symptoms of heart attack and stroke are so exclusive for everyone—and that they’re no longer constantly what people think. That’s why it’s truly all about prevention.

And Americans aren’t accurate at prevention. I maintain seeing this ad on TV, you’ve likely visible it, in which the man goes to the counter, he eats six hot puppies, his belly is killing him, so he takes a few tablets, and on the give up of the industrial, he’s were given every other six warm dogs. Your frame informed you to prevent eating warm puppies! We’re just idiots that manner. We do aftercare very well. However, we’re no longer superb at preventative stuff. Most people don’t try to prevent matters; they try to fix it after it happens. And in case you’ve had a coronary heart assault or stroke, your odds of getting any other one are one in three, which if you gave everybody in Vegas those odds, they would promote their house and display up with cash. The range of human beings who’ve stated, “Well, I’ve already had my stroke.” No, it’s no longer like an earthquake wherein it takes place every 30 years. If you’ve had a coronary heart assault, you’re possibly going to have any other one. Have you made any lifestyle modifications just as you’ve gotten older with a nod to coronary heart health and prevention?

I don’t drink; I don’t smoke. I attempt to consume much less beef, extra fowl and turkey, and stuff like that. I’m now not going to be one of those folks that pretend to consume the kale salad each day and dive right into a Happy Meal afterward. You try to be cognizant that you have this trouble, and here’s the way you correct it. I haven’t had my LDL cholesterol checked in a few months, so I’m stressed to peer if the adjustments I’ve made in the previous few months or two have introduced the range down a bit and if they have so, it will be genuinely encouraging.

What’s a super Sunday for you?

An ideal Sunday for me generally involves taking an old car or motorcycle out and going up inside the hills of California up at Angeles Crest. L.A. Has the worst site visitors in the international, except you, get maybe 5 or ten miles inland, and whilst you arise within the hills, there are no visitors at all, and it’s stunning. I suggest it could be eighty on the floor, or within the valley, and snow up on the mountain! On a 70 diploma day, I can see snow from my house, and in forty mins you’re up to your neck in snow. It’s a wonderful location to pressure cars or antique motors or motorcycles or something like that. So that’s typically what a Sunday is for me.

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