Giving away $17,000 well worth of Toto Temple Deluxe at PAX East

With Toto Temple Deluxe being almost ready for release (aiming for Summer 2015), we decided it was time for us to wait for a huge occasion like PAX East. So it became our very first PAX, with our first actual 10′ x 10′ booth, for our very first console game launch!

Temple Deluxe at PAX East
We thought it’d be an amazing concept to share our normal enjoy, especially given that we experimented with advertising, as you could see inside the identity. By the way, it’s an extended read, so here’s a handy manner to skip to the problem you choose:

Up North Indies

We had our own booth at the convention, but we have been part of a bigger (and present-day) institution known as Up North Indies. We’re essentially collecting more than one indie developer from Montreal/Quebec getting collectively to share expertise, and getting simpler entry to events like PAX. We’ve been studying and getting quite a few assists from the alternative studios with the aid of being a part of this organization. We’re clearly lucky!

We had a bit of branding on occasion to perceive each booth as a part of the UNI, but we could not get whatever big completed in time (a huge striking banner, for instance). On the other hand, we discovered a lot from PAX, which changed into our first group occasion, so we’ll certainly have a better presence at destiny activities.

Designing our first 10′ x 10′ booth

The occasion became in Boston, so approximately five hours pressure south of Montreal. We controlled to get there by way of the vehicle to keep the cash. However, the downside turned into that our automobile turned into pretty small, and we could not journey with various equipment. We controlled to get two 7′ tall TV stands, forty-two” TVs and one 50” TV. Here’s how we did it.

We got ourselves some quite tall TV stands from Displays2Go. They’re heavy as hell. However, they can support actually massive TVs as much as 7′ in the air! Our sales space additionally came with a desk, so we had enough to support 3 TVs in general. Speaking of TVs, we had no room inside the vehicle for 3 large TVs, so we definitely determined to “hire” them at a nearby Best Buy in Boston. And by using rent, we suggest shopping for them and taking them returned after the occasion via pronouncing it did not suit our wishes in the end. No questions ask, thank you, Best Buy!

How we were given noticed

To put things in attitude a bit, we designed our PAX demo initially so that suits would be sincerely quick. That way, we would better go with the flow and feature extra gamers who might attempt the game. Also, since matches wouldn’t close long sufficient for the group to experience any predominant engagement or for the hype to build up, we wanted a better manner of having spectators extra engaged in the game as they were looking at it.

Normally, best the four cutting-edge players might be absolutely engaged in the sport. Maybe they were with a friend, and perhaps that friend might get engaged and cheer a bit; however, we felt it irresistible wouldn’t be sufficient to build enough engagement/hype standard. We then heard of an approach that the men from Vlambeer had been doing at events for Nuclear Throne. They could have hourly challenges in which all people watching would get a loose reproduction of the sport if the present-day player-controlled to conquer the sport. That might normally inspire human beings to stay and observe the sport. In addition, they might have something to win (or lose) so that they should sense engaged.

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