Scrapping Your Way to GDC as a Broke-Ass Indie Developer, Part 2: You’ve Arrived in San Francisco

This is Part 2 now. This is the more in-intensity component wherein we will worry about getting you there and finding you a place to live. Not ravenous is likewise satisfactory. San Francisco is one of the maximum high-priced cities inside the united states of America to stay and tour. Hence, I guess your eyes rolled again into your head while you appeared up the authentic resort GDC block and notion, “THAT’S the discounted charge?! Dammit, I’m going to ought to promote my liver to head.” You gained’t have to meet any black market organ dealers, I promise. There are other methods.

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and More

San Francisco
If you’re flying in like many different attendees and me, begin amassing those frequent flier miles now. Even if you’re cramming into the absolute cheapest seat, you can get from the tour web page of your desire that forums clearly last on the worst airline possible. DO IT. You’ll be glad you probably did. Most tour websites like Orbitz (my preferred company, heads up I’m no longer compensated for mentioning them by using call) let you store multiple common flyer/travel reward numbers. Pay attention to their accomplice airways and other organizations they partner with: you could get Jetblue factors purchasing on Amazon, or sure Lyft rides to/from airports, for instance. Delta factors for SuperShuttle. You’re in video games– treat it like one! You’ll be surprised at how quickly the one’s miles upload up.

Obviously, flying in what’s nearly guidance is the most surefire way to save serious dollars getting from A to B. Tools like Trivago permit you to evaluation-shop multiple tour websites to see who gives the satisfactory charges for an economy seat. But after you find that tour site, make sure you get rewarded while doing it. Places like Hotwire, where you call the price *may* prevent some cash but can put you in an awkward spot of not getting a ride to the airport at the weird time they pick out and are often nonrefundable. It’s quality to go along with the positive thing if you want to leave and come returned at a first-rate time; however, make certain to take a look at flexible dates and do the mathematics on whether the difference in flight charges each way is well worth an additional night time to your inns or no longer. In the SFO-JFK direction as an example, a weekend flight can truly mean a difference of saving sufficient cash to make that more nighttime well worth it.

Now onto bag charges. If you’re on a domestic flight and surely not getting loose checked luggage, you’ll be tempted to shove everything you need right into a convey-directly to keep away from the costs. If you’re no longer staying the whole week, this will be workable. But if you are and you’re a newcomer to San Francisco, properly, the climate can be gorgeous, but it also is completely unpredictable. So I finally gave up stressful approximate bag fees, caved in, and commenced the usage of my big suitcase:

I wore the entirety, from my wintry weather coat to quick shorts and at-blouse at GDC 2017. The climate is unpredictable, so be organized. You’re also going to do a ton of strolling EVERYWHERE, so having an additional pair of footwear to exchange into is likewise prudent. Meeting an investor or were given an interview you need to look sharp for? Have room for it. Bag prices suck, but component them in. Compared to diverse airports on this us of an SFO isn’t extremely good far from civilization. It’s approximately $15-25 for travel to/from downtown and the airport, $30-40 for a Lyft, $40-50 for a cab. The BART teaches a pain within the ass to locate in that airport. However, it’s absolutely the most inexpensive option to attain the town at $9 among SFO and the Market Street fare zone. It’s conceivable if your crashpad isn’t amazing far from any of those stations, and you’re not lugging a bunch of actual heavy suitcases and showcase supplies.

San Francisco itself has a quite accurate public transit infrastructure. In addition to BART, the bus device is good compared to numerous different buses that have carted me around the planet. The Muni streetcar gadget is also quite sweet (it’s not the same as the cable cars on Powell, heads up.) Pro Tip: in case you’re now not staying close to the convention center but opted for one of the cheaper inns or hostels north of Market Street or possibly similarly out, but everywhere among Van Ness and the Embarcadero? The nearest station to Moscone is the Powell BART/Muni station. BART is cheaper than Muni in each manner, and that distinction provides up fast over per week. If you intend on traveling San Francisco often, it’s additionally really worth the $three to buy a Clipper card because you may use it on multiple transit structures and can maintain using it 12 months after year! (If simplest the MTA did this, the writer seethes…)

If you pressure, I’m sorry, I can’t help you right here. I’m a non-driving force, so I don’t have a body of reference for car apartment, parking, and whatnot besides “it’s in all likelihood sincerely pricey.” Hence, experience unfastened to provide guidelines within the remarks if you’ve rented an automobile at the same time as on the town or drive-in. Depending on where you’re staying, you should examine the fee to what it’d price for public transit or rideshare. GDC is one of these activities wherein you really need to be near the center of the motion. We flip the entire SoMA location right into a big frigging summer season camp for recreation devs for an entire week. You don’t need to overlook it until saving those more couple of dollars is sincerely counted as having right here or now not.
But with that stated, San Francisco is highly walkable, and with proper public transit, that’s now not first-rate expensive. So you, in all likelihood, won’t need to choose a car apartment until you’re displaying with several equipment/props.

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