Will a rap video persuade you to buy this Toronto domestic?

When a realtor promotes a domestic, they’ll often put up an internet listing accompanied by photographs. If they need to step it up, they may consist of a virtual domestic tour. But for Toronto’s actual estate agent Arty Basinski of Real Estate By Bike, neither of those had been enough. So rather, he created a rap tune and music video. As he states in the video’s description: “Why do a virtual excursion whilst you may make a rap video.”
“Lil Yellow House” is the name of the music Basinski created in addition to the nickname given to the east-end semi indifferent bungalow he is tasked to sell. (The hook is written and achieved with the aid of the home’s seller, who is a singer and agreed to the collaboration.) Posted on May four, the video has passed eleven,000 views already. Basinski, who has been operating as a realtor for seven years now, tells CBC Music that the reception to the video so far has been very advantageous. “There have been tons of hobbies within the house,” he explains. “This has been an excellent promotional tool, that’s tune to customers’ ears — pun meant.”

Toronto domestic
He has even jokingly coined the mixture of actual estate and rap as the style “rap property.” That said, Basinski says future song motion pictures — of which he guarantees there can be extra to return — won’t be rap. “Depends on the house or rental,” he notes. Basinski provides that he is always looking for dealers and/or collaborators who “would really like to create an amusing and memorable masterpiece that is certain to get attention.” Watch “Lil Yellow House” underneath. In the game of selling, the world revolves around the force of trade. Most people think buying and selling cars is a simple process. It’s not. Buying and selling cars for profit can make you fast profits. But for you to maximize your profits, you need to know... how to buy, what to buy and how to sell. Knowing these tactics can make you a LOT of money. Not knowing the formula can COST you a LOT of money.

So before you start a career in this industry and invest your money, you need to learn as much as you can about car flipping and its market. But, of course, you first need to invest a huge amount of time (and some money) in learning the business and tricks of the trade. And before you make that huge leap of faith, here are four things you must know when buying and selling cars:

1. Learn How To Negotiate

When buying and selling cars, you need to negotiate on every deal. Therefore, you must master the art of negotiating. Never pay full price for a car, truck, or bike. Make sure to inspect the car first, know its condition before offering an amount on the car. It’s normal to knock off $1000 off a deal but make sure you have a reason to do so, which is why you must know a lot about cars (or have someone with you who does).

2. Know What To Buy

When buying and selling cars for profit, you need to know what is popular in your local city, country, and town because if you are trying to sell something nobody wants, what’s the purpose? You need to know what vehicles you need to buy to get the most out of your investment. The bottom line, know which cars are collectibles and are hot items in the market. Again, you must know cars.

3. Know How To Sell by Creating a Win-Win Situation

Create a simple win-win situation for you and your buyer. Make a nice profit and at the same time have the buyer feel that they got a heck of a deal. Know how to advertise to get hungry buyers calling you and get the profit you want out of that deal. The formatting of your ad is essential. Content of your ads is important as well as videos and pictures. Who wants to look at dull ads anyway?

4. Rinse and Repeat

Never run out of deals. The goal is to buy and sell a few cars a month to generate thousands in profits per month. Then, if you want to explode your profits and feel that you understand how to buy and sell cars, move on to acquiring a dealer’s license. Once you make your first profit, start again and learn from your previous deal until you get the hang of it and be an expert in buying and selling cars. But this industry is not for everyone. So, make sure that you have a love for cars and car flipping before you start. You will never succeed in this business if you don’t have a passion for cars.

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